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Salmon and Philadelphia cream cheese with Pesto sauce
Ciabatta with fresh salad, Philadelphia cream cheese, salmon fillet, rucola, Pesto sauce. To Pesto and gherkins lovers we suggest ordering an extra portion to panini.
The nutritional value per person
Mamamia! opened its first kitchen this year and began delivering pizzas in Kiev.
Opening of one of the first restaurants of the chain on Prospekt Pobedy. The only pizzeria out of the three pioneer ones that now works on delivery and in the restaurant itself.
Opening of the first restaurant on the left bank of Kiev, namely in the district of Troeschina.
Opening of a restaurant on Naberezhno-Kreschatitskaya Street. Creating its own production of ice cream, pasta and flour recipes for the restaurants. Beginning of the Podil command office work.
The inaugural Cup event pizzerias Mamamia! It is competition of all restaurants and workers for these titles: The best restaurant of the year The best waiter of the year The best pizzaiolo of the year The Best courier of the year The tradition of support and now: every year we celebrate the birthday of chain restaurants and corporate holiday, where the Grand Prize is a Gold splinter.
Opening of one of the most popular restaurants on the Vaclav Havel Boulevard and the restaurant on Mishugi Street, 3-В. We took the record for Ukrainian’s biggest pizza in 2012! 350 kgs of flavor and 4950 portions of Mamamia! specialty pizza we shared with everyone and have recorded this event with the official representatives of the record book.
Opening of a restaurant in Obolon district. Beginning of work on then new project "children's birthdays in Mamamia!
Opening of a restaurant in Obolon district. Beginning of work on then new project "children's birthdays in Mamamia! Opening of a restaurant on Maidan. Purchase of the Pizza Bus for excursions and visiting master classes in restaurants Mamamia! Introduction to the huge menu and popular pizza XL Italy with three flavors.
The Organization of the first Ukrainian championship pizzaiolo: more than 300 entries, 170 contestants and 12 finalists at the end of the competition. The winner received $1000 for rolled pizza 39 cm in diameter. A significant event was the opening delivery in the city of Odessa and a restaurant in Chernihiv, where the first 100 customers took part in the draw for 50 000 UAH. Opening of the new restaurant on bulvar LESI Ukrainki
Victory in the TV programme “Battle of the restaurants with Ruslan Senichkin”. Opening a restaurant on Vasilkovskaya and in the Academgorodok district. Preparation of 4-meter pizza in Chernigiv for the city day and the opening of a children's playground. Pizza delivery by the founder of Mamamia! Restaurants, Alexey Turin to the highest mountain peak in Europe and Asia-Elbrus that stands 5642 meters above sea level.
Creating a project Cooking Hub - space for new acquaintances and dinner parties with the preparation of tasty dishes. We are continuing the tradition of delivering pizzas on the highest peaks of the world, this year Alexey Turin together with Mamamia! pizza conquered Kilimanjaro in Africa!
Дякуємо Вам за те, що обрали Mamamia!
Ми цінуємо Ваші відгуки та пропозиції, адже завдяки їм ми вдосконалюємо свій сервіс для Вас
UAH 79
Крем-суп з білими грибами
UAH 15
UAH 89
Паніні з індичкою
UAH 162
Міт Супрім
UAH 146
Пекін Дак Хауз
UAH 65
Брауні з вишенькою
UAH 45
Картопля фрі
UAH 97
Цезар з беконом
UAH 60
Лимонад з розмарином
UAH 280
Pinot Grigio del Veneto, Sant’Orsola
UAH 368
Sauvignon Blanc, Satellite, Spy Valley
UAH 272
Late Harvest, Tarapaca
UAH 95
Апельсин та Грейпфрут
UAH 17
Морозиво Філадельфія
UAH 17
Морозиво Горіхове
UAH 150
House wine, Шардоне
UAH 75
Грецький салат
UAH 15
Сорбет полуничний
UAH 17
Сорбет малиновий
UAH 85
Чізкейк з арахісом
UAH 85
Крильця Баффало
UAH 125
Паніні з ростбіфом
UAH 99
Паніні з лососем
UAH 167
Картопля фрі Family size
UAH 299
Крильця Баффало Family size
UAH 269
Лазанья Family size
UAH 72
Моцарела фрі
UAH 272
Syrah Leon de Tarapaca
UAH 134
UAH 106
UAH 126
UAH 208
UAH 130
UAH 126
UAH 138
UAH 114
UAH 309
UAH 99
Цибулеві кільця фрі Family size
UAH 245
Комбо фрі Family size
UAH 95
Фреш яблучний
UAH 45
Смузі Чарлі
UAH 50
Сік томатний
UAH 90
Лимонад з маракуєю та м’ятою
UAH 99
Томатний гаспачо
UAH 45
Stella Artois
UAH 45
Stella Artois (б/а)
UAH 150
Фірмова гостра оливкова олія
UAH 316
Комбо бокс Meatlovers
UAH 257
Комбо бокс Cheese Fan
UAH 218
Комбо бокс Vegi
UAH 445
Комбо-бокс XL

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