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The loyalty system works for regular customers in the restaurant chain. You get a reward for each order, and it is a special gift on your birthday. Being our client is tasty and profitable!

There are two ways to open a bonus account in Mamamia:

1. Make an order in the restaurant for any amount, then fill out the form and get your personal card.

2. Make an order for delivery and automatically accumulate bonuses to the account linked to the phone number. There are bonuses for each of your order in the restaurant and for delivery: 5% of the total amount of the check to your account (1 UAH = 1 bonus). Bonuses are counted on the card within 24 hours from the date of purchase.

To get bonuses, you must:

1.  Provide a card or say the phone number that is specified in your bill in the restaurant when calculating the check.

2. When ordering delivery bonuses are calculated automatically on the phone number from which you made the order. You get 100% of the check amount from the restaurant to your own bonus account on your birthday. Details of the promotion "Free birthday party", follow the link:

You can pay with bonuses:

1. In the restaurant upon giving of the bonus card.

2. For delivery from the phone number from which you made the order.

Detailed information:

The amount accrued to the client’s bonus account is active for 59 days, on the 60th day after receipt of the check, bonuses are cancelled.

You can pay with bonuses no more than 50% of the check amount.

You can't pay with bonuses for alcohol.

It is possible to check the balance with bonuses: in the personal account of the site, in the Mamamia mobile application, by phone (044) 222-5-222 (payment according to the tariff of your operator) and 7492 (free of charge from the mobile, work back).

You can pay with bonuses already with the next order.

If you lose your card, you can contact any restaurant Mamamia! where the administrator will restore your card.