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Get more with the Mamamia Bonus program!

Mamamia! has a loyalty system for regular customers. We return part of the amount of your order in the form of bonuses, which you can use to pay for next orders!

Attention! Bonuses are refunded only for pizza or sets that include pizza.

The bonus account is common for orders at delivery and in restaurants, so you can use bonuses anywhere!

How do I open a bonus account with Mamamia?

The most convenient way is to do it online right now!

  1. Click on the button below.

  2. Enter your phone number (keep in mind that this number will be attached to your bonus account and it will be impossible to change it later).

  3. Enter the code from SMS to validate the number. Congratulations - you have become a member of our Bonus Program!

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1 UAH = 1 bonus. Bonusback is returned for all pizzas and combo sets with pizzas in the restaurant and on delivery within 24 hours after payment.

Pizza Club Mamamia! - choose yours

In Mamamia! from 13.09.2021 a bonus accumulation system has been working.

The larger the accumulated amount of orders, the higher your bonusback!

  • 1000-1999 UAH - Gold Pizza Club with 10% bonusback

  • above UAH 2000 - Platinum Pizza Club with 15% bonusback and personal manager

  • ordering less? You still get 5% on all pizzas and combo sets with pizzas in the check!

Attention! Bonusback 5, 10 or 15% is refunded only for pizza or sets that include pizza.

What does "accumulated order amount" mean?

We will automatically summarize all your checks. The accumulated amount of orders takes into account the entire paid amount of the check, regardless of what kind of dishes and drinks it includes, both on delivery and in a restaurant. Not taken into account in the accumulated amount: part of the amount that you paid with bonuses, payment not for a dish, but for services (like a Children's Birthday, animators, master classes, etc.), payment with gift certificates. The amount accumulated within no more than 60 days from the date of your first order, including the day of the start of the new program - 09/13/2021, is taken into account. Checks before 09/13/2021 are not counted.

What does "bonusback" mean?

This is the percentage that we will refund to your bonus account for all pizzas or pizza sets in the check. 1 bonus = 1 UAH.

For example, you have reached the Platinum Pizza Club level. This means that in the next 60 days, you will receive 15% of the amount for pizzas or for sets that include pizza. For meals other than pizza or pizza sets, bonuses are not refundable. At the same time, even if you paid for part of the order with your bonuses, the bonusback will still be refunded for the full price of the pizza or pizza set, so this is a double benefit for you!

How to get to the next level?

The accumulated amount is calculated and the transition to the bonusback level occurs automatically. The transition to a new level of bonusback occurs immediately after the accumulation of a sufficient amount, provided that no more than 60 days have passed. So you don't have to wait 60 days! As soon as the amount has been accumulated, from the next order you will automatically receive an increased bonusback for all pizzas and pizza sets.

How long will I receive the increased bonusback?

The achieved level is valid for 60 days. Within 60 days, you will receive an increased bonus back for all pizzas and pizza sets, for other dishes the bonus back is not refundable. You can also continue to accumulate the amount. If you did not manage to accumulate the amount within 60 days after the transition to a new level, your level is reduced to the previous one, and the accumulated amount is reset to zero.

What can be paid with bonuses?

You can pay with bonuses for any dishes from the menu, but no more than 50% of the check amount. It is impossible to pay with bonuses for alcohol, according to Ukrainian law. Also, bonuses do not pay for additional services: Pizza Bus, photographer, animators, master classes, certificates, etc.

To stay in the Platinum Club permanently, you need to order at least 2000 UAH within 60 days. These are two orders of 500 UAH per month. Three large pizzas a month or one combo box of drinks. Easy, right? ;)

How do I manage my bonuses?

1. In a restaurant, when paying a check, provide a card or a 4-digit bonus account code, which can be obtained from the link below. By this code, you can see the status of your bonus account. Bonuses are credited automatically, and if you want to pay with bonuses (up to 50% of the check amount), just tell your waiter about it. In addition, if you name a short code in a restaurant, your order will be counted towards the accumulated amount and you will sooner switch to an increased bonusback.

2. When ordering delivery, bonuses are credited automatically to the phone number to which the order was placed. To pay with bonuses, tell the operator about it or indicate the amount you want to use during checkout (no more than 50% of the check amount, details below)

Bonus account code

What are the promotions and special offers with Mamamia bonuses?

Bonusback is the return of a certain percentage of the amount of your check back to your bonus account.

5% bonusback is a standard that you always get when ordering pizza at a delivery service or in a restaurant.

100% bonusback - you will receive the entire amount of the check on your birthday at any Mamamia! restaurant or delivery! for checks from UAH 500

Follow the link to find out the details of the "Free Birthday" promotion.

Bonuses as a gift - we often hold promotions and draws of promotional bonuses :)


How long are my bonuses valid?

The amount credited to the bonus account is active 60 days from the date of payment of the check. On day 61 - bonuses are canceled. We will send you a reminder one week before the expiry date of the bonuses so that you can use them in time. A different validity period may be set for promotional bonuses.

For what do I get bonuses for?

The number of bonuses is calculated from the amount paid for pizzas or any sets that include pizzas. Bonuses are not awarded for other meals and drinks, as well as additional services such as: Pizza Bus, photographer, animators, master classes, etc. An exception is the "Free Birthday" promotion. On your birthday, you will receive a 100% bonusback for the entire amount of the check.

How can I check the quantity of bonuses on my account?

It is possible to check the balance with bonuses: 1) by logging into the site; 2) in the Mamamia mobile application!; 3) by phone (044) 222-5-222 (payment according to the tariffs of your operator) and 7492 (free from a mobile, call back works).

Can I transfer my bonuses to another Bonus account?

There is no such option for the safety of your bonuses. But if you, for example, want to make a gift for your loved ones, you can purchase a "Gift Certificate" at any Mamamia restaurant! or on the website and present it - with a "Gift Certificate" you can pay for anything on the network, including additional services!

Is it possible to receive bonuses, and then pay with them the same check?

This is not possible, since bonuses are awarded only after payment of the check within 24 hours. But you can pay with bonuses the next time you order.

What to do if you lose your bonus card?

On delivery, bonuses are accrued automatically by phone number, and in a restaurant - by a one-time bonus account code, so a plastic bonus card is no longer needed :)

We hope you have got all the information you need. If not, you can write to us in reviews or on social networks.

Bon Appetit!