We have launched a new service - Cooking Box from the owner of the network Mamamia! Alexey Tyurin. 

And I strongly advise you to try it today!

What is the Cooking Box?

This is a delivery of ingredients for cooking at home restaurant dishes. You choose your own menu and we will deliver you the processed products along with a detailed recipe. It is not only convenient, but also cheaper than buying the components in the supermarkets. 

Why is it profitable for you? 

first, we purchase the products at wholesale prices, secondly, we bring you only the required number of portions, which means you will have to remain unused ingredients. on benefit Especially noticeable in the procurement of exotic ingredients. moreover, we do not prepare meals, but only deliver products to them, because the dish will turn out almost at cost, even including shipping.

What dishes can you order?

We have engaged top chefs, who picked up a restaurant meals so that it was really tasty and that is important - easy and fun to make at home! You do not have to be able to professionally cook along with the Cooking Box we provide detailed instructions and even a video recipe. Surely you have!

How to order?

Go to the website delivery Cooking Box, register and add to cart for the dishes you wish to cook at home. Would be delicious!

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