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Warning! This service is suspended for the quarantine period. We look forward to receiving your order after quarantine. In the meantime, you can order your baby some goodies for delivery and also get a 100% bonus check!

If you want to create a magical atmosphere of creativity for your child - organize a real feast for his birthday!

In this case, you don't need to think through all the nuances of such an action. The Mamamia! pizzeria network employee is well versed in children's desires and preferences, so you should entrust us with all organizational issues.

Would you like to order a delicious and colorful cake for a children's party? We will execute this desire: click the button below to choose a birthday cake. Children can decorate it themselves! The master-class will cost 240 UAH including festive decorations.

Order the cake

To capture the joyful moments of the celebration will help a professional photographer, a separate service which is estimated at 1000 UAH.

A master in face painting will help to paint funny faces and smiles of the whole children's company for only 800 UAH!

In addition to tasty treats, we offer your children to plunge into the interesting world of culinary secrets - to pass a master class on a specific program. Such ideas for children's birthday, as a rule, are very well perceived by the kids, because they love to cook on their own. If they don't always get it at home for various reasons, then here they can feel like adults, cook an original snack and treat it to their friends and relatives.

How is this going?

Master classes are conducted under the guidance of experienced animators in groups of 10 people. The cost of this event is 2400 UAH. If the group of children is an impressive one, and each of them is just eager to try their skills in cooking, then we offer to pay extra for each additional participant 250 UAH. This price already includes the services of the presenter, as well as the full range of components necessary for the mystery of the molecular cuisine.

It is worth saying that if you wish, you can additionally order a separate program for cooking pizza, which costs 600 UAH, plus ingredients. It also includes the services of an animator and all the ingredients needed for pizza.

Each class lasts about two hours. It usually follows the following scenario:

- preparing each participant for the process and getting to know the moderator;

- cooking dishes chosen in advance by a team of participants;

- master class on cooking pizza - if you decide about this in advance;

- summing up, presentation of certificates of the master and diplomas to all participants, and a birthday gift is presented to the birthday man about this event.

What culinary programs can be ordered for children's birthday?

Celebration heroes can choose at their discretion exactly the program that will interest them the most.

1. Lemonade + Caviar + Ice Cream

2. Loli Pop Cakes+ Milk Cocktail

3. Cupcakes + Mojito

4. Gingerbread + Children's Mulled Wine

5. Sangria + Fruit Kebab + Banoffi

 Are you still thinking where to celebrate the children's birthday? Call +38 (073) 3116305 and get all the necessary information at first hand. Incredible gastronomic adventure with a real professional chef is guaranteed for you and your children!