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Apple juice 1 liter

Дякуємо Вам за те, що обрали Mamamia!
Ми цінуємо Ваші відгуки та пропозиції, адже завдяки їм ми вдосконалюємо свій сервіс для Вас
UAH 92
UAH 79
Cream-soup with White Mushrooms
UAH 15
UAH 89
Turkey with Ceasar’s sauce
UAH 125
Fresh Grapefruit 500 ml
UAH 174
Meat Supreme
UAH 45
Browny with Cherry
UAH 15
Garlic sauce
UAH 49
Potato Fries
UAH 15
Dana Blue
UAH 97
Ceasar salad with crispy bacon
UAH 65
Lemonade with rosemary 500 ml
UAH 272
Late Harvest, Tarapaca, 500 ml
UAH 15
UAH 59
Cheesecake with Nuts and Caramel
UAH 89
Buffalo Wings
UAH 269
Lasagna Family size
UAH 77
Fried Mozzarella Sticks
UAH 97
Ceasar salad with turkey
UAH 53
Consomme with Turkey and Penne pasta
UAH 132
UAH 136
UAH 132
UAH 118
Pepperoni spice
UAH 120
UAH 125
Apple Fresh
UAH 59
Smoothie Charlie 250 ml
UAH 45
Borjomi 500 ml
UAH 50
Orange juice 1 liter
UAH 50
Apple juice 1 liter
UAH 50
Tomato juice 1 liter
UAH 95
Lemonade with passion fruit and mint, 500 ml
UAH 29
Morshynska 500 ml
UAH 45
Stella Artois 500 ml
UAH 335
Combo box Meatlovers
UAH 280
Combo-box Cheese Fan
UAH 25
Pepsi 0,5 liters
UAH 116
Ice cream assorted
UAH 116
Ice Cream of Passion Fruit
UAH 116
Nut ice cream
UAH 116
Ice cream tiramisu
UAH 159
Buffalo Wings Double size
UAH 139
Fried Mozzarella Sticks Double size
UAH 200
Occiput pizza

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