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Rules for processing, storing and protecting customer data (hereinafter Rules) define the procedure for the handling of site users mamamia.ua

Basic provisions

By agreeing to these Rules, the User authorizes the collection, storage, use and disclosure of the data (including, but not necessarily, personal data), in accordance with these Rules, the Law of Ukraine "About protection of consumer rights", "Protection of personal data", "on protection of information in information and telecommunication systems".

The rules are valid from the moment of authorization/registration on the site mamamia.ua

Collection and use of client personal data

User Data is information with restricted access.

User data is stored in the site database mamamia.ua up to three years and are processed by an automated system.

The purpose of User data processing is to ensure the implementation of administrative and legal relations, relations in the field of tax and accounting, advertising, and other relations in which User data are used.

The following data may be collected, stored and used on mamamia.ua:

1. E-mail;

2. Mobile phone number;

3. City;

4. Other data provided by the User through registration on the website mamamia.ua

The user agrees that the data transmitted to them may be used for:

1. User registration on the website mamamia.ua;

2. Notifications of the Place where the table is booked about the details of the reservation;

3. Providing services to the client;

4. Customer notifications about services, news and promotional offers via SMS, e-mail, e-mail, etc.

Disclosure of Customer data

User data is provided to third parties in the following cases:

1. Additional consent of the client is obtained;

2. Provision of General information (statistical data, generalized information) that doesn't contain personal information and doesn't identify the client individually;

3. Providing information to law enforcement and other public authorities in response to their official request for criminal investigation or alleged illegal activity

Data protection

mamamia.ua undertakes to take appropriate security measures to protect against unauthorized access or unauthorized alteration, disclosure or destruction of User data.