Lasagna Funghi

Homemade pasta with cheese and Ricotta sauces, roasted white mushrooms and champignons, Grana Padano cheese

Lasagna Bolognese

Homemade pasta, Bolognese veal sauce, mozzarella, pine nuts, Grana Padano cheese

Fork + knife
Mac & Cheese Alfredo

Chifferini with ham and mushrooms baked in cheese sauce, served with Grana Padano and Cheddar cheeses

Mac&Cheese Tartuffe

Chifferini baked in cheese sauce with Dorblu cheese dressed with truffle and Grana Padano cheese

Mac&Cheese Vegi

Chifferini with a mix of broccoli, corn and tomatoes baked in cheese sauce and served with Grana Padano cheese

Fettuccine Carbonara
Fettuccine with meatballs
Fusilli with vegetables
Fettuccini with shrimps, mussels and pesto
Ravioli with Turkey