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Mamamia! - The Queen of Pizza

Mamamia! pizza has been loved because of Italian cuisine since 2002. At first, this is one of the first pizza delivery services in the Ukrainian capital, and later it is a large net in Kiev and Chernigov.

A lot of pizzas are baked in Mamamia! daily - they are eaten in restaurants, taken to offices and home, ordered to parties, taken to a picnic with friends. For the whole era of Mamamia!, the network’s slogan - The Queen of Pizza - has become much more than just a beautiful (and bold) phrase. Thousands of regular customers of the network confirm this, again and again choosing the queen - Margarita or Pepperoni, Country or Diablo, Hawaii or Virgin, but definitely from the Mamamia family!

Legendary dough

Mamamia Pizza has only the best natural products, perfectly balanced ingredients, bold gastronomic experiments! And of course, pizza dough is prepared according to the traditional Italian recipe in Mamamia. Mamamia coped with it: Italians themselves would envy the skill of our pizza makers!

Classic and creative recipes

The combination of classic and avant-garde recipes is an unchanged “trick” of Mamamia!. Network owner Alexei Tyurin brings inspiration from travels and is personally involved in the development of new recipes. The result of such a creative approach is the kitchen at the junction of gastronomic cultures, unusual flavor combinations and unchanging wow-effect for Mamamia guests!

Pizza "Il Mare" is cooked based on ricotta, with salmon, broccoli and marmalade from wasabi, "Godfather" with smoked sausages, bacon, fresh champignons and crispy gherkins, luxury pizza "Truffles with artichoke" - where else you can try so many creative pizza options? But what kind of pizzeria is without the classic "Margarita" and "4 cheese", which is in Mamamia! turned into “Cheese Supreme” with 5 premium cheeses - cheddar, feta, grana padano, mozzarella and dana blu?

Mamamia pizza always serves pizza with homemade aromatic spicy olive oil and balsamic vinegar - all in the best Italian traditions.

For all tastes and sizes

Meat and fish, poultry and cheese, a vegetarian option - whatever the taste preferences the guests have, everyone will find their favorite pizza in Mamamia. And then another one. And further.

In addition, you can always create your own recipe using a pizza-constructor. You can set not only the ingredients, but also the size (S, M, L, XL), pizza sides (classic, cheese, sausage, with sesame or sea salt) and the base sauce - classic tomato, spicy barbecue or white ricotta. You can choose bacon, chicken, turkey, pepperoni, salami, hunter’s sausages, ham, mozzarella, parmesan cheese, feta, pineapple, broccoli, gherkins, corn, olives, sweet peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, jalapeño pepper, pickled onions, and garlic. Even if you put all the toppings together, you still get tasty. This is Mamamia!

Not only pizza

Pizza is a synonym of the word "Italy". And Italy is the most popular cuisine in the world, so Mamamia! guests are also pleased with other most popular dishes of il gusto Italiano: homemade pasta, lasagna from the oven, ravioli, salads, mozzarella fries. There are also dishes of European cuisine: cream soups and broths, deep-fried chicken wings, desserts, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, branded lemonades.

Companies can order a profitable meat, cheese or vegetarian "Combo Box" with delivery: set of medium pizza, two snacks and sauces to choose from.

Small big details

Mamamia! has its own delivery service, children's playrooms in all restaurants, a children's culinary school and Pizza Bus - a company bus for children's and adult excursions with pizza.

A cumulative bonus system is valid throughout the restaurant network and delivery service, and if a customer places an order on the birthday, 100% of his order amount is credited to the bonus account.

Pizza from Mamamia! - it is always a win-win option for any occasion and taste!


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