Return 25% of the check bonuses!

during the period of quarantine Mamamia! increases bonuses! Now you will receive 25% of the amount of the check bonuses.

1 bonus is 1 UAH. and you can pay up to 50% of the sum of the following orders.

How to get bonuses? Very simply - order a delivery or Slovenes now and automatically become a participant of the Bonus program, Mamamia!

you do not need any more actions, you will receive bonuses from the first order.

How to pay for their order? Just when ordering, tick the box "to Write off the UPS" and enter the amount of bonus that you want to use.

bonuses of 25% applies to Slovenes, and delivery, and for promotional items too!

But in your birthday Mamamia! and all returns 100% of the amount of the check!

got questions? Follow the link “the Conditions of the Bonus program" - they have all the answers.

any More orders - more bonuses! Bon appetit!