Pepsi as a gift to any tabiti!

Choosing a pizza? Add a cheese or a sausage tabiti to it - and get a drink as a gift! The bigger the tabiti, the bigger the gift:

• Tabiti to Pizza M - 0.5 L Pepsi as a gift

• Tabiti to Pizza L - 1 L Pepsi as a gift

Every day, at any time, in any district of Kiev or Cherngov. On delivery, and on Take Away as well. That’s so simple - add cheese or sausage tabiti - and get your free Pepsi!

Bon appetit!

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* The promotion is valid on delivery and takeaway, only on cheese or sausage tabiti of size M or L, and does not cope with any other offers, including, ordering a tabiti in the Combo-box. Invalid at Mamamia restaurants!