Delivery and Take away is opened from 12:00 am till 10:00 pm and till 11 pm on Fri-Sat
Wine Take away -20%

Discount on all wine -20%


Discount on all wine -20%


Mon - Sun

10:00 - 23:00

Now any wine or sparkling wine is on delivery and with self-pickup - with a -20% discount!

You can order delivery or take away, and also, choose any wine in the restaurant and take it with you - in each case, the price will be 20% lower.

The wine list in Mamamia! impressive! You can choose to your taste - white, red, sparkling, dessert wines, from medium to premium varieties.

Countries of origin - Italy, France, Ukraine, New Zealand, Spain.

Discount on the wine list -20% valid on delivery, incl. takes away, as well as take-away in a restaurant.

For adults only.